Alloy Entertainment: So The Originals is back in full swing. After that crazy premiere, what can viewers expect next in terms of all the sire line drama? Where does Davina fit in, considering how she was working on a bloodline spell for Mikael in season 2?
Danielle Campbell: I can’t necessarily explain how yet, but this season you will definitely see Davina, as the leader and queen of witches, struggling with her powers. So that comes into play. And you will definitely see a lot of the sire line issues come into play, and learn a lot more about the Mikaelsons’ family history. I think that the audience will find [the latter] especially intriguing.

Alloy Entertainment: On the real though, what’s up with Davina crying tears of blood? How dark is she going to get in the upcoming episodes?
Danielle Campbell: Although I can’t tease how dark she’ll get, I can say that it’s been really cool to watch Davina’s transition. She started off as this scared girl in the attic and now she’s this strong, powerful witch who’s leading other witches. However, she has a lot of responsibility to deal with and you definitely start to see her struggle with what’s going on. She genuinely cares for her coven — she loves them and wants to protect them in any way that she can — but as the witches fight back against [the vampires], she’s going to be conflicted about how to go about it.

Alloy Entertainment: Which Originals character would you consider Davina’s most trusted confidante in Season 3, and why? Who’s public enemy #1 in her book?

Danielle Campbell: I think the people she’ll always trust and confide in are Josh and Marcel. They’re her family — her go-to people when she needs advice and help. Right now she’s mainly busy trying to keep everything in order in her coven, but as far as her enemies go, Klaus has and will always continue to cause her problems. Moreover, anyone who poses a major and immediate threat to her people falls under that category.

Alloy Entertainment: The teaser promo for Season 3 includes a rather tense interaction between you and Hayley. Will their friendship prevail against the odds, or will there be a shift in their relationship?

Danielle Campbell: In the premiere, you see Hayley is trapped so Davina’s not exactly putting a focus on their friendship right there. Because of the attacks she experience in the first episode, Davina is definitely going to need as much help as she can muster. I think it’s easy to assume that she’s going to ask Hayley to lend a hand. There’s an opportunity there for their friendship to grow, but considering how Davina is keeping Hayley trapped — and that Hayley has a wicked temper — there’s a strong possibility of it going the opposite direction.

Alloy Entertainment: We can’t wait to see what happens! It’s funny because you all get along in real life, but on screen all hell breaks loose. Quite the juxtaposition.
Danielle Campbell: [Laughs] I know,


Alloy Entertainment: Obviously Davina has her hands full being regent and all, but does she still have “Resurrect Kol” on her agenda? Their goodbye scene in season 2 was absolutely heartbreaking.

Danielle Campbell: Oh, I know! That was a great moment. [Pauses] Well, Kol is a very special person to her, and just like Rebekah did, Davina vowed to never give up trying to bring him back. Her last chance to do so, however, was taken from her in [the finale]; right now, she doesn’t think there’s anything she can do. That being said, he was very important to her and if an alternate way presents itself to her, Davina won’t stop at any cost to resurrect him.

Alloy Entertainment: As much as we love seeing Davina kick ass, we do get sad thinking about how many fun teenage experiences she’s missed out on. Have you ever had any regrets on her behalf?

Danielle Campbell: Oh, I always do! Davina, despite being strong, has had to grow up quickly and take on so much at such a young age. She hasn’t even had anything remotely close to a normal high-school experience. But I feel she hasn’t missed out on relationships. For example, what she had with Kol was so beautiful, and I’m so happy the writers introduced this into her storyline. You got to see her not just as a witch, but as a young girl in love.

Alloy Entertainment: Freya went through a similar experience as Davina where she spent much of her childhood separated from her family and having to deal with so many dangerous situations. Will they connect at all in upcoming episodes?

Danielle Campbell: I would love to see them work together. Right now Davina is really busy dealing with all the witches and Freya is busy dealing with all the Mikaelsons — they don’t have the chance to even cross paths. But in the future, I think that would be really cool.

Alloy Entertainment: We enjoy all the images you post on Instagram, especially the hiking ones. We know you’re busy on set these days, but what other sorts of adventures would you love to embark on? Has there been anything you were once too scared to try, but now are like, ‘Let’s do this!’

Danielle Campbell: I’ve grown up traveling with my family; we moved a lot so I’m used to exploring new cultures and trying out new things. Every place in the world has such a different energy to it, and it’s fun to immerse myself in new cities and experience it for myself firsthand. Something I’ve been wanting to do lately is go surfing in Costa Rica. And then I love Europe. Every country there is so unique and beautiful, and the people are just fantastic.

Alloy Entertainment: Sorry if this sounds creepy, but your photos from the summer were just breathtaking. Do you have a favorite travel memory from your most recent Euro trip?

Danielle Campbell: I love to snap pictures, which is why I think I enjoy Instagram so much. It’s something a lot of people can relate to, and my fans can see what I’m seeing, and that makes me really happy. But I pretty much loved everything about my trip this summer! I rode donkeys up the narrow roads in Santorini, Greece. I ate my way through Rome, Italy. That was outstanding! My favorite movie is Gladiator so to see the Colosseum in person was just unreal. I explored London on my own, too, and navigated the city and that was fantastic. I’m actually returning there to visit some friends for New Year’s, so I’m really excited about that. In general, travel is something I truly love and my heart will always be in it.

Alloy Entertainment: We know you love Taylor Swift — as do we. If you had to pick any of her tracks to serve as Davina’s theme song this year, which one would you choose?

Danielle Campbell: [Laughs] Her personal theme song? That’s a good question…. Ah, I can’t think of one off the top of my head — that’s the problem. [Laughs] Actually I’m going to go with a non-Taylor one — the song “Renegades.” It kinda leads you on sort of a chase, which fits in great with how unsettled Davina is this season.