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World Ark: Tell us your first impressions about Heifer’s work in Guatemala.
Danielle: Guatemala’s one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited! Heifer’s work to help educate people to make the most of their natural resources was really impressive. I will admit that it was somewhat hard for me to see some aspects of daily life there, so my heart really went out to them, but what struck me was their kindness, how sweet and genuine everyone was.

What aspect of the work were you most impressed with?
Agriculture is a dominant part of Guatemala’s economy. I was really blown away by listening to the people talk about their land and how proud they were at what they could grow. It made me happy to know that Heifer provides great educational opportunities that help Guatemalans provide for themselves.

How has this trip changed you personally?
I will remember this trip forever, especially Guatemala’s beautiful people and countryside, and how an organization like Heifer can truly make a difference in people’s lives.