You’ve been up to so many amazing things working with Heifer International. Could you tell us a little bit more about this organization and some ways you’ve been able to give back?
“This organization spans out and is really different, to me at least. First of all they’re all over the world and are making so many differences in so many different parts of the planet. What’s amazing about them is that they’re able to help people by also helping the planet, which I think is really unique to these industries. One of my favorite things that Heifer does is that it helps communities learn how to live and provide off the land without destroying it; you can give someone a fish, or you can teach someone to fish. What Heifer does a good job of is teaching people how to really use the resources and help provide for themselves. They’re really great at empowering women to take charge in their communities. There’s so much that this organization does and I’ve had such a blast working with them. Everyone is so special and it’s such a special place to be.”

You were able to get firsthand experience working with them this summer. We’d love to hear more about that.
“It was amazing. We went to Guatemala and I met so many incredible people. The people were in tears because they were so happy and so grateful. You can see in the before and after pictures of what Heifer has helped them do and how they have provided. I remember seeing women who would walk for miles with their children just to attend meetings, because that’s how important it was to them. Just to see everyone so elated and so proud to be able to show us what they can do now was so amazing. All the farmers in Guatemala learned all this within the past couple of years and they are providing so much. It was such a humbling experience to go to the farmers’ lands and hear them talk and see the smile on their face because of what they are now able to provide for their families. We take for granted being able to just go to the grocery store and grab bananas, and in Guatemala I saw firsthand all the beautiful trees where they grow all this fruit from. It was so amazing and I met some of the sweetest, most kind people in the world.”

Let’s talk about The Originals. Davina definitely finds herself in a few dilemmas this season. What’s her game plan for keeping control, and pissing off the least amount of people as possible?
“Well, I think that’s definitely the struggle she’s dealing with, and trying to figure out how to best go about it. In the past seasons, you’ve seen her trust someone and then them go completely against her. This season, she’s not taking anyone’s side but her own. She’s trusting herself and you’re seeing her struggle because she’s not really getting the respect of her people without hurting someone. You see her not really knowing what to do and how to handle it. I think a lot of it has to do with her finding her place with this coven. She’s growing up and at the same time still making mistakes. She is doing it out of care and love, because she loves the people that she’s leading; they’re the closest thing she has to family. She’s doing her best and she doesn’t really know how to do anything she’s doing.”

Davina pulled a total 180 since the first season. Are we going to see more maturing from her?
“You’re definitely watching her grow up a lot this season. The first season you saw her as the scared girl in the attic, but this season you see her as an adult, leading the witches. You’ve really gotten to watch her grow up these last couple of seasons, and I think that’s something really unique that the audience has gotten to do with Davina. For me, I’ve loved watching this transition from a young, scared girl to an independent woman. She’s trying her best, and failing sometimes like everyone else does. At the same time, she’s a really strong girl who stands by what she believes in, and I really love that about her.”

Klaus has been her number one enemy from the start, so is it safe to assume she’ll continue to keep plotting against him?
“I think she is, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it’s not just one thing; it’s one thing after the other that he keeps doing to hurt her and the people that she cares about. I don’t think she’s ever going to be able to just let that go, which is something I think is so great about Davina — her humane side that she is so connected to. There’s so much supernatural going on, that everyone thinks that a death is so insignificant. To Davina, it matters, she cares and she’s not able to let go of it.”

Is there any chance that Kol will be resurrected after all?
“I think Davina is always going to try to bring him back in any way she can, but as of right now, she doesn’t know of a way to bring him back. Her last chance that she knows of was taken from her.”

It seems like you Phoebe Tonkin and Leah Pipes always hanging out. What are some of the fun things you guys do between filming?
“Absolutely, I love those two. We all live literally across the street from each other, so we see each other quite a bit. We go for long walks to work out or we’ll do yoga, we’ll go to dinner and go shopping… We’re all pretty close here in Atlanta, which is really nice. I think it resonates on screen, too. I think all of us — Charles (Davis), Daniel (Gillies), Joe (Morgan) — hang out quite regularly. It’s really fantastic and something that doesn’t happen so often.”

Does Paul Wesley ever visit Phoebe, and the rest of his former TVD crew, on set?
“Oh yeah, him and Phoebe are dating so we definitely see Paul quite a bit. They all live right next to us, too. So, we all get together for dinners and stuff regularly, which is really nice.”

Is there a day from filming for this season that stands out the most?
“All of us are cracking up constantly on set. I had a scene with Charles, and I think it was the second episode. We could not stop cracking up, and there was a snake on set that day, too. We found a little snake in the woods, so that was a really fun day. We were filming out in the woods, so the snake was just there. I really enjoyed the snake (laughs).”