How do you start your day off?
Breakfast!! It’s my favorite meal. I am also not one to sleep in much. I am quite a morning person.

What would your fashion spirit animal be?
I would like to say a wolf. Wolves seem to be graceful and majestic, yet in an instant they become fierce and dangerous. My style tends to fluctuate all the time depending on how I feel that day. I love that about fashion, you’re never trapped to one thing.

Who is your biggest style influence?
I have a lot, but one I love is Blake Lively. Her style is always fresh, elegant and sexy. And Kate Moss – she’s just bad ass.

You always splurge on? And always save on?
Splurge on Jeans, a pair of jeans that fits like a glove. And shoes! Save on hand bags. I use a basic black most of the time, it goes with everything!

What is one piece of fashion advice your mother has given you?
You don’t always need to stick to the trends. Fashion is about self-expression. Wear what makes you feel confident and happy. Fashion is supposed to be fun!

What is your favourite outfit you have ever worn?
I’d like to say a future white dress. Till then some denim, a T-shirt and baseball cap can be pretty hard to beat.

What is your fashion motto?
Wear what makes YOU feel good.

What is your #1 style tip?
Dress comfortable and confident.