TVLINE | Before we go too deep into Davina, let’s talk about Cami. Your thoughts on her death?
I think the writers did what they always do so well: They made her death really beautiful. In her last dying moments, they made you love her that much more. There was such a good contrast with her laying on her death bed but also being in the dream sequence with Klaus. That was so beautiful, and Leah [Pipes] did such a great job. She really killed it.

TVLINE | And what was the mood like on set while you were filming your goodbyes?
The mood for both episodes was kind of sad and happy. You’re saying goodbye, but you don’t know if you’re really saying a complete goodbye. It’s always really hard to tell on this show.

TVLINE | Did they tell you ahead of time about Davina’s death, or were you surprised?
I found out a bit ahead of time. It takes them a while to figure out story arcs since there are so many of us, but it was a possibility for my character sometime after winter hiatus. At the end of the day, it was so much fun. You really get to see what she goes through, and I had fun playing that.

TVLINE | Who’s going to have the strongest reaction to her death?
Kol, for sure, though it’s also going to be hard on Marcel. They were part of each other’s family for so long, and even though Marcel is also considered to be part of Klaus’ family, he chose to be part of Davina’s family. I think it’s going to be really hard for him.

TVLINE | In the race to save her, will we see some unusual alliances formed?
Absolutely. What’s going to be exciting as we finish the season is that they’re setting us up for a lot of shocking turns in Season 4. A lot of the characters are going to be at odds with each other in these last episodes, so it’s going to be a very interesting fourth season.

TVLINE | Things are obviously not great between Kol and Davina, but do you ever envision a future where they can make it work?
At the current moment, she’s dead and he’s alive, so they’d have a very hard time together. But there’s a possibility, for sure, because this show is all about random things happening.